SurgiTel Wireless LED

SurgiTel Wireless LED

Built using SurgiTel’s proprietary achromatic beam. This technology creates a clear, even light which is easy on the eyes. Your choice of cool or neutral color beams. Neutral color ideal for cosmetic work and reduces risk from blue light. The brightest wireless LED available today.


Surgitel Nudent

High Quality LED Optics in a Portable Package

  • Built using SurgiTel’s proprietary achromatic beam. This technology creates a clear, even light which is easy on the eyes.
  • Your choice of cool or neutral color beams. Neutral color ideal for cosmetic work and reduces risk from blue light.
  • The brightest wireless LED available today.



  • Best beam uniformity with patented optics
  • Consistent beam pattern over working distance range
  • Advanced lithium battery for consistent light output
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Adaptable to other loupes, frames or headbands


Weight: Micro 43.89g, Mini 47.80g (Less than 2 ounces)
Maximum Intensity (in foot-candles):
– Micro: Low 1500, Medium 2400, High 3000
– Mini: Low 2500, Medium 4000, High 5500
Number of Batteries Included: Three
Battery Life: Over the included three batteries:
– High: 5 hr 15 min, Medium: 7 hr 15 min, Low: 10 hr 30 min
Curing: Orange flip-filter available
Touch Control functions:
– Three brightness levels
– On/Off
– On/Off switch lock


Battery Charging Time: appox. 2 hours
Battery Charge Life: Max 1 hour 45 min, Medium 2 hour 25 min, Low 3 hour 30 min

Manuals + Instructions


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