Ultra Band-Lok (Regular) 5g

Ultra Band-Lok®

Ultra Band-Lok® is intended for use as an orthodontic band cement and for occlusal buildups.

Contents: 1 Dual Syringe (5g)


Ultra Band-Lok® is intended for use as an orthodontic band cement and for occlusal buildups.



Band Cementation:

a) Thoroughly prophy the teeth with 1st & Final®. Rinse, dry and isolate.
b) Acid etching of the enamel is not required for cementing bands; however, it is recommended when cementing high stress banded appliances
c) Apply a bead of Ultra Band-Lok® to the inside of the band.
d) Seat band, clean off any excess flash. Position light tip in close proximity to the occlusal surface of the tooth. Moving in a slow circle around the top of the band, light cure for 30 seconds. At this point the cement is fully cured, allowing for immediate placement.

If using the Luer-Loc syringes:

a) Unscrew and remove the black storage cap from the tip of the syringe.
b) Put the tip in place and twist clockwise until the tip is locked in position.
c) When the procedure is completed, remove the tip and replace the black storage cap to keep the Ultra Band-Lok® protected from light.

Occlusal Buildup Application: Prophy, rinse and dry. Etch occlusal surface for 30 seconds, then rinse, dry and isolate. Apply Ultra Band in the amount and shape required to the occlusal
surface. Light cure for 20 seconds. Note: a self-etching primer can be utilized in place of phosphoric acid etching.

Important: Ultra Band-Lok® is sensitive to ambient light. Shield exposed unpolymerized product until the product is ready to be light cured.

PRECAUTIONS: Unpolymerized resins may cause skin sensation in susceptible persons. In case of contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Contact with other
tissues: rinse spill area immediately with copious amounts of water for several minutes.

Use of UV, halogen and LED curing lights can be associated with eye damage. The patient, doctor and the assistant should wear properly designed protective eyewear when using
these light curing devices.

TEMPERATURE LIMITATION: Fluoride version store refrigerated (2-8◦C). Light Sensitive. Avoid excessive Heat. Allow product to reach room temperature prior to use.

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