Porcelain Etchant

Porcelain Etchant

Bisco’s Porcelain Etchants improve the adhesive bond between porcelain and resin cements.


9.5 Porcelain Etchant Refill
Content: 1 Syringe (5g)

4% Porcelain Gel Etchant
1 Bottle (7g)

Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid Gel

BISCO’s PORCELAIN ETCHANT improves the adhesive bond between porcelain and cement by increasing the surface area of the porcelain to be bonded. The effect is similar to sandblasting but is more controlled and effective. PORCELAIN ETCHANT will microscopically roughen the feldspathic porcelain or glass surface.

BISCO’s PORCELAIN ETCHANT is available in 2 concentrations: 4% or 9.5% (Hydrofluoric Acid Gel).

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