Aeliteflo™/Aeliteflo™ LV

BISCO’s flowable composites are versatile and can be dispensed and injected into the preparation without dripping or slumping.




Content: 1 Syringe (1.5 g), Accessories, Instruction

Low Modulus Microhybrid Composite / Radiopaque Low Viscosity Composite

Aeliteflo is a filled, light-cure, microhybrid composite with flow characteristics which make it ideal for Class V cavity configurations as well as Class III`s and small Class IV`s.
Other uses of this material may be as a pit and fissure sealant, repair of marginal defects, small core build-up, blocking out under cuts, porcelain repair,porcelain veneer cementation or as flowable composite for bonding fibrous splints into place.
This filled (60% by weight), barium glass composite is highly polishable and radiopaque for easy identification on radiographs.
AELITEFLO has unique thixotropic properties to prevent it from slumping for better control in hard to access areas.Using the provided tips. and is easily injected directly into the cavity preperation and can be shaped by the tip itself.

Aeliteflo LV is a multi-use flowable resin based composite with high radiopacity.


Unique Benefits

  • Extremely easy handling for effortless adaption to dentition
  • Microhybrid formula provides outstanding strength
  • Aeliteflo has demonstrated over 15 years of proven clinical

Clinical Significance

  • Due to its elastic properties, Aeliteflo “bends with the tooth”, leading to better retention. Excellent for abfraction lesions and Class V defects
  • Aeliteflo LV exhibits superior radiopacity for easy detection on radiographs


Aeliteflo Brochure


REALITY and Dental Advisor ratings based on evaluation with Aeliteflo.



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