Headband Surgitel

Headband Surgitel

Your SurgiTel® telescopes have been designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s clinical professionals. Please keep in mind that you will have a hand-eye coordination adjustment period of about two weeks. Begin slowly with simple movements, working your way up to more complicated procedures. In the end, SurgiTel® telescopes will allow you to see, work, and feel your best.

Surgitel Nudent


  1. Remove Protection Caps
  2. Loosen the adjustment knobs on the top and back of the headband.
  3. Centrally position the headband and padding just above the
    eyebrows and then tighten knobs.
  4. Vertically adjust the position of the oculars to your line of sight
  5. Adjust pupilary (P.D. Knob) to a comfortable setting where two
    images converge together. (see fig 1)
  6. Adjust the tension in the hinge to a comfortable setting. Make
    sure to add slightly more tension when using a clip-on light.


  • Tighten the top and back knob so that there is even amount of tension in the headband.
  • Make sure to wear headband so that the padding is resting over the top of your eyebrows.











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