Dental Treatment Unit ST3608

Dental Treatment Unit ST3608

Dental Chair ST-3608 the floor-type unit body ensures stability of the whole dental unit.

Convenient to use: This control panel of this dental unit is tilted, making it easier for dentists to control. It is an LCD screen, offering a clear display of the operating status.
There are waterpipes disinfection and flushing system, which helps to prevent cross-infection.



Product Information

1. Core Deep newest dental chair ST-3608 integral dental unit is designed ergonomically and modernly. It’s elegant and with great care of details. It’s the best cost effective dental unit you can find in the market.
2. It’s designed with floor type unit, thick chair base with imported steel unit frame makes more stable.
3. Synchronizes chair movement and quick backrest movement(Takes only 9 seconds for the whole movement) makes patient feel great comfortable.
4. It’s with imported accessories such as Denmark Motor, air spring, Italy Faro LED light with arm, handpiece tube and solenoid valve.
5. LCD display control system can show dental unit status clearly.










Standard Configuration

Dental equipment operating unit

• Imported handpiece tubing: 3 pieces
• Pressure gauge
• 3-way syringe: 2 pieces (cold & warm)
• External 24V X-film viewer: 1 set
• Control system with LCD display: 1 set
• Deluxe saliva ejector (water) and powerful suction (air)
• Seamless rotatable ceramic cuspidor bowl
• Faro MAIA operation light originally from Italy or Big Dental Implant light
• 9 keys deluxe larger assistant control panel
• paper cup holder, tissue box and trinket tray
• Purified water bottle/ Disinfectant bottle: I piece each
• Floor mounted unit box: 1 set (match with different colors)
• All inner air and water tubings are from USA
• Built-in injecting water purified system
• Stronger chair metallic frame and thicker metallic chair base

Dental chair

• Deluxe thick leather seat with backrest and headrest: 1 set
• Imported silent high-speed motor: 2 pieces
• Nine recorded seat positions by programming
• Compensating system for interaction
• Multi-functional foot pedal
• Patient chair with double armrest
• Dentist stool: 1 set
• Assistant stool: 1 set


Optional Device

• Top-mounted instrument tray
• Control system for cart
• Electrial motor handpiece
• Scaler
• Curing light
• Intra-oral camera system
• Monitor bracket
• Built-in junction box
• High-speed air turbine handpiece
• Low-speed air motor handpiece
• Control panel with 7-inch touch screen
• Fiber optic handpiece tube (with light)


Technical Parameters

• Power supply: 220V, 50/60Hz
• Air source pressure: >0.55Mpa
• Water source pressure: 0.2-0 4Mpa

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