Bisco Accessories

BISCO adds convenience by offering many of its accessories in refill packages including brush tips, mixing wells, disposable syringe tips, the unit-dose syringe, the dual-syringe dispenser and more.


• Regular Orange Applicators (100)
• Endo White Applicators (50)
• Dark Blue Brush Applicators (100)

Disposable Applicators

BISCO’s disposable applicators are ideal for use with BISCO adhesives. The regular size is designed for any size preparation. The endo applicator is used when applying adhesive to a prepared canal prior to post cementation. To apply a greater and more uniform amount of material, use the bristle brush applicator.


Mixing Wells

Reusable and disposable mixing wells are ideal for adhesives, activators, opaquers, and all materials dispensed in small quantities. The RESINVOIR™ is a three-reservoir mixing well with a sliding plastic light-proof cover, and is ideal for keeping light-cured materials protected until they are ready for use.


Brush Tips

Disposable brush tips are ideal for applying adhesives, activators, opaquers and other liquids.


Dual-Syringe Dispenser

BISCO’s Dual-Syringe Dispenser is designed for use with all of BISCO’s Dual-Syringe Products. The Dual-Syringe Dispenser allows the user to dispense materials with ease and precision.


Unit-Dose Syringe

BISCO’s Unit-Dose Syringe is designed to easily dispense our composite, cement and flowable materials with precision. The Unit-Dose Syringe can be used with any of BISCO’s prefilled unit-dose tips or with our disposable Tubes and Plugs.

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