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ZirClean is a cleaning agent designed for the non-abrasive cleaning of the bonding surfaces of zirconia, ceramic and metal restorations after intraoral try-in.

Product Details

ZirClean is a cleaning gel designed for the non-abrasive cleaning of the bonding surfaces of zirconia (and other prosthetic restorations) after intraoral try-in. ZirClean helps to achieve reliable adhesive cementation results by removing the phosphate contamination of zirconia (as well as ceramic and metal restoration surfaces) that occur during try-in.*

Unique Benefits:

  • Delivery system offers improved ease-of-use
  • Easy placement and clean up
  • Helps achieve reliable adhesive cementation results*
  • Contaminants such as saliva can be removed to help achieve better bond strength  after try-in*

Clinical Significance:

  • The use of ZirClean will help to achieve reliable cementation results with Zirconia restorations after intraoral try-in.*



ZirClean Brochure


Dark Blue Brush Applicators (100)



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