Aelite™ LS Posterior

Aelite LS Posterior

Aelite LS Posterior is a low shrinkage composite minimizing shrinkage strain, cusp deflection and decreases the risk of marginal leakage.

Low Shrinkage Hybrid Composite

Aelite LS Posterior is a light-cured, highly filled, low shrinkage posterior composite that helps to reduce contraction stress to overcome stress related problems1. Due to the high filler content, handling of this composite simplifies establishment of occlusal contours, proximal surfaces and interproximal contacts.

Unique Benefits:

  • Proprietary filler enhances handling properties, featuring higher control for sculptability with minimal tackiness and pull back
  • Highly filled (88% by weight) material provides exceptional strength and polishing luster

Clinical Significance:

  • Low shrinkage provides long-term patient satisfaction
  • Excellant strength in addition to radiopacity and wear resistance makes Aelite LS Posterior an ideal choice for a posterior composite

AELITE™ Aesthetic Universal Kit
An ideal restoration requires the perfect blend of durability and esthetics. The Aelite Aesthetic Universal System is designed to create this perfect blend quickly and easily. The kit contains Aelite All-Purpose Body, a highly filled, reinforced composite to mimic the dentin layer. Aelite Aesthetic Enamel and Aelite Aesthetic Enamel Incisal are included to create the enamel layer with excellent polishability and reinforced strength. These composites along with BISCO’s top rated adhesive system and BisCover™ LV provide the complete anterior and posterior restorative solution.



Aelite™ LS Posterior-Brochure


1. Cadenaro M., Biasotto M., Scuor N., Breschi L., Davidson C.L., Di Lenarda R. Assessment of polymerization contraction stress of three composite resins. Dent Mater., Aug 2007;24;681-685.

* VITA is a registered trademark of VITA ZAHNFABRIK H. Rauter GmblH & Co. KG Germany.

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