Whiten teeth by eating fruits

Whiten teeth by eating fruits: Did you know that there are foods that can naturally whiten our teeth?


Apple: Can help you clean teeth, the apple pulp will help reduce stains and increase saliva production. To prevent the accumulation of plaque which is like an adhesive between the stains and the tooth surface. In addition, apples also contain malic acid. That can dissolve the stain naturally

Beans: Rich in protein and good fats. Slightly corrosive but does not affect the tooth surface. Able to remove stains on the tooth surface also has calcium that helps the teeth strong as well.

Celery: Another good low-calorie food. It helps to maintain the white, radiant skin of the teeth. Cellulose fibers will work as a natural toothbrush. That will scrub the stain away from the tooth surface when chewing


Pineapple: Pineapple contains Bromelain, in which enzymes break down stains caused by proteins to come out naturally.


Carrots: Stimulates saliva and has vitamins that the body needs. To keep the teeth healthy. In the other hands, there is food to watch out, especially acidic foods or with vitamin C, because it may destroy the enamel

Source: Thai health

Pictures:  www.photos.com  / www. sanook.com

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