Teeth Whitening

Why do teeth whitening? Because smiling affects personality, create beauty, And give us confidence, No one wants to smile and see yellow teeth, dark teeth, black teeth, or freckles. "A good smile is comparable to our whites eye." So what is it that reduces the brilliance of the teeth? Of course, it is People who smoke, drink tea or coffee, or are genetically caused What will come to help fix and enhancing your new smile? It is "teeth whitening"

Who can bleach their teeth?

All patients (except pregnant women Or patients with forbidden disease) can get bleaching with a dentist. But there is a rule of teeth whitening that the mouth of the patient must be clean. Because teeth whitening will work and reacts well in the alkaline environment. On the other hand, If the patient’s mouth is dirty, such as with decayed teeth, gingivitis, which will have an acidic pH value. Once already bleached, It is rarely white, also it will return to the initial place quickly. Therefore teeth whitening will most effectively with the most important thing is The patient has to always keep their mount cleanly.


How can teeth whitening be effective?

Teeth whitening will effective only when the teeth must be whiter at least 8 step shades to the point that called Saturation point ** or equal to the B1 color of Vita Lumin Shade Guide will make teeth color stable for about 5 years, drop less than 10%, but if bleaching does not reach Saturation point, the color percentage returns close to initial color faster.

Vita Lumin Shade Guide
Vita Lumin Shade Guide

How can teeth whitening be done?

  1. Buying a tooth whitening solution in the retail stores in the mall (Over the counter)
  2. Teeth whitening under the care and the use by dentists (In-Office Bleaching), which
  • If there is a problem during whitening such as sensitivity, toothache, the dentist can fix the problem for you.

Therefore, although item 1. you can do it by yourself but not recommended because if there are a problem or abnormalities such as tooth sensitivity or toothache, such symptoms are beyond the responsibility of the dentist. It will be causing damage Including the high cost of the subsequent treatment

  1. The Home Bleaching which paid by dental clinics for patients to bleach at home by themselves. (Under the guidance of a dentist)


Therefore, the best and the safest thing is that teeth whitening should be under the supervision of a dentist.


Nudent has an effective teeth whitening solution. And provide safety for patient by selling them to dentists, including


  1. “Opalescence BOOST 40% HP” is Power Bleaching or In-Office Bleaching is a highly concentrated and powerful solution which can only be bleached at a dental clinic by a dentist
  2. OPALESCENCE PF 10,15,20 and 35% (use with tray).
  3. OPALESCE GO 15% (Bleaching Tray) is Home Bleaching that is sold to patients by dental clinics. So that the teeth whitening can be reused and make teeth whitening last longer and longer


Nowadays, most dentists can bleach their patients’ teeth below the Saturation point (whiter than Saturation point), popularly known as the Hollywood smile, or, if translated directly, the same level of white teeth as HOLLYWOOD performers. You can imagine the picture more clearly This type of whitening is called “Outstanding white” which if bleached up to this stage, will brighten the face. Make you look more aura.


Don’t wait!!! Anyone who wants to smile with aura you can consult a dentist at your local clinic who uses OPALESCENCE products from ULTRA DENT PRODUCTS INC, USA. It can be said that It is the number 1 seller in the world and is the first inventor of the world for teeth whitening solution.

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