Vanmax Water Floss

Vanmax Water Floss

At last a quick, tidy and gentle way to floss that is easy and effective.

Floss – to remove bacteria, plaque and food debris from areas of the gums and teeth where brushing is ineffective. 

Water Floss – Using pulsations of water at pressure, not to low that is ineffective or too high that could damage gum health.


Scope of application

This product specification is only applicable to our product XY01.

Electric Specification

Power input:DC5V/2A
Single continuous working time:90s
Build in Li-battery : DC3.7V/ 1500mAH

Product Appearance and Structure

Vanmax Structure

Product weight

Net Weight:239g


Product Size:

Length: 220.00mm
Width: 76.99 mm
Thickness: 62.88 mm


Safety performance and precautions

  1. Test conditions
    Ambient temperature:0℃~70℃
  2. Main performance parameters
  3. Electrical function
    a. Working Gear
    1. 30%~80%, 7.5g~9.5g
    Pulse mode: Water output pressure area 7.5g~9.5g(30%~80%),White LED ON
    2. Soft mode: Water output pressure 8.8g (70%), White LED ON
    3. Normal mode: Water output pressure is 12.5g as 100% MAX output level.b. 2 button operations as below:
    1. Power ON/OFF button: Click to open machine, it will stop automatically after 90s. It can keep the working mode in next time.
    2. MODE,  Mode button: click to switch working mode
    3. You can press mode button to choice working mode even in standby status. The indicator LED will be on for 5 seconds and will go out automatically.
    4. It support to change working mode when it’s running.

    c. DC5V/2A Power input adapter DC5V/2A
    1. When the battery is low, the red indicator light will be on for a long time to indicate charging
    2. During the charging process, the red indicator light flashes slowly. When it is fully charged, the red indicator light will be on for a long time
    3. The battery charging current is about 70% of the battery capacity, which is about 800MAH to protect battery.


Durability requirements

At room temperature and atmospheric pressure, let it continue to run for 4 hours, and then test,
the performance should meet the requirements.

Product Features

Standard Jet Tips
0.6 mm ultra-fine pulsed water column, deep into the crevices, pits and subgingival areas

Completely remove dental plaque, soft dirt and food residue

Total Page1 Confidential 2021-06-03

Strong jet power, effectively remove stubborn stains

Pulse pressure strength has between, comfortable massage gum, promote subgingival blood
circulation, make teeth stronger

The 99.99% plaque can be removed by spraying for 3 seconds under medium pressure

Effective prevention of dental caries in children
Pressure range:2psi-140psi

It is suitable for daily nursing and adjuvant treatment of dental scaling people (gingivitis,
periodontitis, orthodontics / correction, denture and implant)

It is suitable for daily oral care of people over 3 years old (children should use it under the
guidance of their parents, and patients with serious dental diseases should follow the doctor’s

Drop Test

At room temperature and normal pressure, the product should fall freely (six sides, four
corners) 80cm from the wooden floor (or wooden table top). The appearance should be free from
serious deformation and cracking, and the function should be normal.

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