NUDENT company’s representatives donated blood, After the Thai Red Cross announcement was affected by the new wave of COVID-19

NUDENT’s representatives donated blood after the Thai Red Cross Society has been affected by a new wave of COVID-19.

Due to the new wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, the donor population has dropped dramatically. Due to concerns over an outbreak within Bangkok and the suburbs being rated as the highest regulated area according to the government announcement.

Until the Thai Red Cross Society had to notice to people via SMS “RedCross” to ask for more donated blood and some NUDENT’s representatives also went out to donate this time

“I would like to ask everyone to make a donation. Because after I went there this time, the people actually donated less than usual pretty much. But I understand the situation now that all of us should not go out anywhere if not needed. As announced by the government but the Thai Red Cross Society also needs a lot of blood as well, And there are some very intense COVID-19 prevention methods, ” said Anan Lalitkulthorn, one of the NUDENT representatives.

ตัวแทนบริษัท นูเด้นท์ ร่วมบริจาคโลหิตแก่สภากาชาดไทย
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