My VALO Grand Curing Light Story

Dr. Sean Lee, the owner of Newtown Smile Dentistry in Newtown, Connecticut, believes in doing things right the first time. It’s this philosophy that guides how he treats his patients, performs the many dental procedures in his everyday work, and how he chooses products.
ดร. แซน ลี และภรรยา at Newtown Smile Dentistry
ดร. แซน ลี และภรรยา @ Newtown Smile Dentistry

One of the products that enables Dr. Lee to do his very best work is his VALO® Grand curing light. He says, “I never take short-cuts. I believe in doing things right the first time, and when I do that, everyone is happy. With my VALO Grand curing light, the patient gets a long-lasting, quality restoration, and I don’t get patients coming back to me because of a failed restoration that I didn’t do right the first time, which I would then need to fix for free. It saves us both time and money!”

Ultradent’s VALO® Grand Curing Light
Ultradent’s VALO® Grand Curing Light

Before opening up his own practice, Dr. Lee was first exposed to using a VALO® curing light at an office where worked right after dental school.  “Even with the smaller, original VALO curing light, I was very satisfied with the performance, so when my Ultradent representative told me about the VALO Grand light—which has a larger curing head—I jumped at the chance to buy it, and it’s now what I use in my own practice exclusively.”

VALO Grand มีเลนส์ 12 มม. ที่ใหญ่กว่าไฟเดิมของ VALO ถึง 50%!
VALO Grand มีเลนส์ 12 มม. ที่ใหญ่กว่าไฟเดิมของ VALO ถึง 50%!

So why the VALO Grand light? Dr. Lee says,  “I love the surface area that the large curing head of the VALO Grand curing light allows me to cover—which is the entire tooth. Having the VALO Grand light in my office enables me to reach any part of any restoration I need to reach, in any part of the mouth, and to cure it thoroughly. Also, thanks to its size and fact that I can cure an entire tooth at a time at a rapid pace, it saves both me and the patient chair time, which both parties can appreciate.”

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