Indispensable: Ultradent’s IndiSpense Syringe System

Syringe is a side device and is considered a companion device for dentists.

Ultradent has long been known for innovating with syringe delivery systems. In fact, most of Ultradent’s products are designed with syringe delivery in mind, earning the company the nickname “the syringe people” before helping make syringe delivery the industry standard. However, there are still dentists that do not know that the classic 1.2ml syringes are not the only option for clinicians to experience Ultradent’s innovative products.

Ultra Etch Refill Syringe

The exclusive, ‘jumbo-size’, 30ml IndiSpense syringe system is a key part of Ultradent’s delivery system, and the favorite option of many of Ultradent’s most loyal users.

Here are a few reasons why:

Easy Storage

The 30ml IndiSpense syringes make it easier for doctors to keep bulk amounts of chemical on hand. Instead of storing 25 separate, 1.2 ml syringes of product, clinicians can store the same amount of chemical in just one IndiSpense syringe. Empty delivery syringes can be stored in a spare drawer or cabinet without worrying about temperature and other storage conditions required for some products.

No Waste, Safe and Efficient Chemical Transfer

Ultradent specifically designed its IndiSpense syringes so that chemicals can be instantly and easily transferred to a standard delivery syringe when needed. This can be done by using only the dose needed for the procedure, thus avoiding unnecessary product waste. The tip of the IndiSpense syringe attaches perfectly to the luer-lock tip of the standard 1.2ml syringes, for a safe, smooth transfer and delivery.

IndiSpense Helps Prevent Cross-Contamination

Once the IndiSpense syringe is used to load a standard delivery syringe, it can be capped and stored away, without ever needing to be close to the operatory area, preventing cross-contamination between different patients.

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Purchase Products

Simply put, IndiSpense refills are the most economical way to purchase Ultradent products. By committing to purchase a larger quantity of your favorite products in this exclusive 30ml refill version, you get a significantly lower cost on a per-milliliter basis. Check with your distributor and do the math!

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