EF LINE “Orthodontic Tools for Children”

EF Line: It is well known that when teeth have problems in the arrangement. We could use orthodontic techniques to help solve such problems.

In the past, most dentists would advise patients to start orthodontics at the age of 12-13 years, which suitable for the case that those children do not have problems with abnormal habits such as swallowing and breathing problems which the mentioned problem affect to the pattern of the position’s changes and the growth of bones, face, and jaw.

In addition, In the children with certain behaviors that have a negative effect on the facial structure, such as slow termination of the milk bottle, sucking fingers, biting nails, hand to cheek, or mouth breathing conditions that may be a consequence of the chronic of respiratory infection.

Found in the case of patients with adenoids or thyroid glands, these all affect the development and growth of facial bones and jawbone.

Therefore, whenever you find that your child has such a problem, waiting for the correction of orthodontic disorders at the age of 12-13 years can cause a severe problem with facial structure and tooth alignment till it cannot be fixed by orthodontics only.

At present, from studies, we have found that facial and tongue muscles have effect on the shape, size, and function of the jawbone and face. Therefore, there are designing the tools to address muscle issues, which must be combined with training by Muscle exercise Adjusting breathing properly, Including the use of tools to help adjust the swallow correctly in which the tool is called the EF Line.

The EF line is a set of tools that can be used to solve the malfunction working problems of muscles. Helps to adjust the position of the tongue, helps promote bone reshaping, as we know that the child’s growth process that is related to the middle facial bone and the lower jawbone is continuously growing more or less depending on the span of age. In principle, if wanting to adjust the facial structure then have to start fixing in the period that the child is still growing up.

The EF line can be used from 4 years old to 15 years old. The tools in this group are diverse in different solutions, such as face shape problems that have the chin-down faces. The crooked chin, the protruding bones, the protruding upper teeth, and in the case that the child has a short face which needs to increase the height of the face, etc.

For that reason, when you encounter any of the aforementioned abnormalities or if you do not know whether your child has any underlying abnormalities. Therefore it is recommended that you take your child for diagnosis and plan treatment with a dentist who has trained the process to use the equipment and is in the EF Center with branches across the country so that your child doesn’t lose the opportunity to get a solution and help adjust the facial structure for better orthodontic results. Spend less time and save costs.

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