34th Functional Education Appliances (EF Line) Seminar

Academic training atmosphere on the topic “34th Functional Education Appliances or EF LINE” at  Nudent Company

Already well done of the EF Line seminar that many dentists are interested in. And attended to listen to the lecture this time, This was the 34th training session, but it still received more interest from dentists in Thailand. Because it is a practice that is very suitable for the situation at the moment. Because there is a very low risk of COVID-19 transmitting between the patient and the dentist .

And this time, Nudent would like to thank all the dentists for your interest and acceptance to join the activities held in this time and in the past. For any dentist who has not registered in this time or has registered but is not comfortable traveling to the training venue due to the bad situation from the new outbreak in Thailand, causing travel congestion

No worry, We will hold another seminar at the end of this year. And hope that the situation in our country will be well,  And we hope to receive positive feedback and support from you as usual.

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See you next time doctor!

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