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BisCover™ LV

BisCover™ LV

BisCover LV is a low viscosity liquid polish used to seal composite restorations.


Low Viscosity Liquid Polish

BisCover LV is a low-viscosity, light-cured resin formulation used to seal all your composite restorations while leaving a smooth polished/glazed surface. Due to its unique proprietary chemistry, BisCover LV can be cured using an LED, PAC or halogen curing light in 30 seconds without a sticky oxygen-inhibited layer. BisCover LV is resistant to staining and color shifting resulting in more aesthetic results.

Unlike glazing products, BisCover LV can be used inside and outside the mouth to finish direct, indirect and provisional restorations.

Unique Benefits:

  • Cures without an oxygen-inhibited layer, resulting in a high gloss surface
  • Fully cures with LED, PAC and halogen curing lights
  • Reduces or eliminates messy and time consuming manual polishing steps
  • Easily seals and protects to prevent microbial attack, prevent staining and increase wear resistance
  • Low film thickness eliminates occlusal adjustments

Clinical Significance:

  • Unlike glazing products, BisCover LV can be used inside and outside the mouth to leave a dazzling finish
  • Can be used on all types of direct, indirect and provisional restorations and appliances

Biscover LV 3ml Bottle Pkg, Dark Blue Brush Applicators (100)



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